Stephen's Story so far…….

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read through our website. It was during my military career that I discovered my passion for helping people with their health and well-being so in 2005 I made the transition and set up Stephen Clarke Fitness. My ability to get results was a little hit or miss back then but I made up for it with effort and a smile on my face. Through a lot of reading, listening, courses, experience and a good old trial and error I developed my practices and philosophies while building a solid business which I operated through Bannatynes gym in Perth where I first met Russell Sherwood (more on Russell later). It's been 15 years in the making but I'm now proud to say we know what it takes to get fast but sustainable results, improve the health and well-being of every client and every year we continue to add more to the overall experience of our members.

With an ever expanding team we made the decision to rebrand the company and literally take my name off the wall. As we continue to grow in popularity it was important for us to lead with a strong brand name that represented what we do and reflected the level of service that we deliver. This is when PTX was born. The Personal Training Experience. Everything we do and everything we will introduce in the future will be to improve the overall experience for you, our valued member.

PTX is made up of individuals with different ideas, thoughts and dreams, however, we all have the same set of ideals when it comes to our clients and getting them results. All of us have a desire to make sure all members receive the same level of service, dedication and help, to ensure they enjoy their training and get results.

I'm now excited to have my wife, Sarah on board as director, nutrition coach and social media manager who brings a lot of passion and brings that feminine touch to the business. As my time is now split between PTX, online coaching and TV work it was important to bring someone on who  shared our vision and passion for creating a great experience. The first person that I thought of was Russell Sherwood (see I told you there would be more on him later). Through my years at Bannatynes gym I quickly realised that Russell had a wealth of knowledge and experience that was not fully capitalised on in his previous role. Russell is now on board as Business Manager and has creative control over business practices to ensure you have the best experience possible from the moment you get in touch and throughout your entire time with us.

My longest standing member off staff is personal trainer Nick who has adopted the role of head coach. Nick has always been popular with our clients and co-ordinates our group PT classes. Our other trainer is John who came on board in 2019 and instantly blew us all away with his technical ability in the gym.

You can read more about the team here.

Mission Statement

To give the best Personal Training Experience, to every member, every time.

Business Philosophy

PTX is born out of a desire to provide our members with the help and support in gaining their fitness and health goals, we want to create a true and tangible, unrivalled training ‘experience’ to every member, every time. Our enthusiasm and passion for training and nutrition is there to benefit all of our members. We strive to deliver a fun, structured and friendly training atmosphere, supported by expert knowledge and our members desire to succeed. This is all backed by the 3 Pillars of Success that we base our business around:




We offer you Clarity of information at all times, Confidence to be you and a friendly Community of members to be part of.