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We provide specialist coaching for professionals, business owners and busy mums in Perthshire. We understand your health is important to you but maybe it's suffered from years of too much focus on your family or career. Let's change that. Our team of Personal Trainers, Nutrition Specialists and Life Coaches offer a professional and results-driven training experience in Perth, Scotland.

  • I have met all the goals I set out to achieve over the 12 week programme and more. This was not by chance though. This programme offers personal training and both nutrition and mindset coaching so if you follow the plan and commit to achieving your goals then success comes quite easily but it’s not without effort. There are no pricey fitness gadgets to buy, no fancy clothing required, just commitment, effort and a burning desire to CHANGE.
    Claire Previous Client
  • Having reached a certain age (51) I was becoming more aware of my general lack of fitness; whilst I was not overweight I knew my diet wasn’t particularly healthy (a liking for all things sweet, beers and wine!) I believed that the aches and pains getting off the sofa, out of the car etc were simple age related. Work is pretty full on and can be stressful at times. The only sport I do is show jumping, competing at a novice level and I wanted to be able to do this for as long as possible.  I had the overall feeling of not “being fit for purpose”. No intention of going to a gym! Too self-conscious. Stephen was recommended to me and after an initial assessment I embarked on a fitness plan which Stephen adapts enabling me to achieve the results I want. I’m not looking to be a muscle bound athlete – just a bit more toned, to feel better in myself and be able to continue what I do now for as long as possible. After a few months of weekly 121 sessions I feel the difference; as well as being physically fitter, I believe I’m mentally fitter, have more energy and more positive. Friends have also commented, testament to Stephen’s expertise and coaching skills. I enjoy working with Stephen benefitting from his knowledge, experience and coaching. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
    K Perth
  • Before joining PTX I felt like I was going round in circles with various other 'diets'. I knew I needed a lifestyle change that I could sustain but didn't really know where to start. My diet and fitness was inconsistent. After just two months on the PTX programme I feel great, I am pushed during training sessions and given guidance and support about nutrition and lifestyle.  PTX sessions are fun and constantly push my ability at a suitable level. Plus it’s a very supportive group both in sessions and on FB page. If I was to say one thing that I like best about PTX it would be the support, both in the gym and online.
    Kirsty PTX member
  • I was the typical person who was frustrated and stuck in a rut. Always 'too busy' to exercise and never sticking to a diet.


    After joining PTX I feel positive and motivated. The support and encouragement for both regular exercise and a sensible eating plan makes my goal of getting fitter and changing shape feel achievable.


    I work 10 times harder than I ever do going to the gym on my own and I’m instantly seeing progress. Within a short space of time I have seen great improvement in strength, fitness and weight loss. I’ve also noticed I have a much more positive attitude - I feel much more positive and motivated to keep working towards my goals.


    The thing I like best about PTX is the tailored approach - not ''one size fits all'
    Aileen Perth mum
  • I have been with Stephen for over 3 years, principally to help with my golf flexibility but also with general fitness and nutrition. I have a bus pass so you will understand that I’m not an upcoming sports star. However Stephen has moved me forward to a position where I feel healthy and fit and have far more knowledge about how my body works, stores and uses food and energy. Principally Stephen makes it fun and listens to you without imposing some unattainable regime on you. Success came at the end of the 2015 golf season when Charlie Gallagher and myself won the Perth and Kinross Golf Union, Aviva Masters trophy. Without Stephen’s input it would never have happened
    Michael Retired
  • Before making the decision to work with Stephen I felt tired and run down. I got out of breath quite easily which caused problems with my asthma and my weight was affecting my health as I was struggling to conceive as I am trying to reduce my BMI to start treatment. I’m a few months into training now and I feel a lot fitter and healthy. I have not used my inhalers now for several weeks and I’m putting that down to my fitness being improved and I am now full of energy and as my BMI is now reduced I’m back on track with my treatment. I have lost weight and cms around my body and I’m now looking for a new wardrobe.  Stephen has kept me on track and has helped me get to where I am today. With helpful tips and hints with my eating plans and my goals that I have achieved. I like the fact that Stephen has help me understand what I need to do to lose weight and how to improve my fitness without imposing a restrictive diet on me. I have tried many diets and this approach has definitely helped me the most.
    Lindsey PTX member

You will be provided with the tools, knowledge and support to get the most from your body and contrary to popular belief - done the right way and you’ll never have to give up your favourite foods.

Our focus is on you and your long-term results. As much as we love how effective our coaching is and the life-changing effects it has we always ensure that everything we teach can be sustained for many years to come. This is where true health and fitness comes from.

Your well-being is our main focus and you can rest assured that we have a team of experts at our fingertips to give you advice. You’re in good hands. We pride ourselves in offering effective and professional personal training and nutrition coaching. Please browse our website, read more about the programmes we offer and if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you.

We believe you must prioritise your nutrition, training and lifestyle to live lean, healthy and full of energy.