Learn how to LOVE yourself LIVE your life & LOSE weight.....Permanently


  • You want to lose up to 30lbs in the next 12 weeks
  • You are fed up of not getting results
  • You are ready to follow a proven system to get long term results
  • You have had enough of fad diets
  • You want to rediscover your mojo!

    The PTX Fitness 12 Week LOVE LIVE LOSE programme is designed to introduce your mind and body for exercise, then progress into more intense training over the following weeks. You will get access to our free members App, here you will receive your exercise programmes, nutrition advice and all your updates. You will also be able to track your results via the App, just the motivation you need to keep working hard!

    Weeks 1-4

    In the first 4 weeks you will introduce your body to exercising, as you will be training with elements of supersets, circuits and HIT training. You will use these weeks to build up stamina, introduce toning exercises, also some basic strength movements to help you as your programme progresses. We will also use these first few weeks to get feedback from you and then adapt your programme to your personal requirements.

    This will be backed by 4 weeks of nutrition coaching delivered direct to the APP, here you will start to get all the advice and knowledge to help you create an effective, permanent eating plan you can stick to and get results. We will give you information on staying hydrated, better sleeping, Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates, as well as discussing portion control.

    It's important to introduce the mind and body slowly over these first 4 weeks so as not to try and do too much too soon, if you stick to the programme, use the nutrition advice, you will get results!

    Weeks 5-8

    This is where you will start to use elements of super sets and HIT training to build the intensity, increase your energy levels and burn calories! Your mind is set, your body is ready and you have introduced better nutrition and eating habits into your daily life.

    The programme will introduce these elements via the App so you can just focus on your training. The new exercises are designed to ramp up your training to get you your results. You remain in control of your training schedule at all times via the App, together with your desire to succeed and the PTX Fitness Programme, the results will follow.

    Weeks 9-12

    The final push! In these final 4 weeks you will switch to all out circuit style training, this is where you can really reap the benefits from everything you have learned in the last 8 weeks.

    You will be ready for this! Your body is now capable of much more than it was previously, you will really start to burn the calories and get energised over these final 4 weeks.

    The programme will have been personalised based on your progress so far, this will help you really get the most from these final sessions. It's really important that you don't slow down your intensity, these exercises are designed to really increase stamina. energy and burn calories!