Lose weight, improve your energy and boost your health in the privacy of a exclusive personal training studio in Perth, Scotland.

You are unique and you require a tailored approach to achieving your goals.  With PTX you will benefit from a dedicated, personal, results-driven service which has come from over 10 years of experience. Your whole journey starts with one simple question... What do you want to achieve?

Let us listen to your needs, what's important to you, how you live your life and what you want to accomplish. Then let us help you create a dietary approach and training programme that is right for you; one that's specific to your lifestyle and your goals whether that's dropping a jean size or two, losing a stone or making significant improvements to your health and well-being.

Your programme of personal health and fitness development will cover all your training needs, nutrition coaching and lifestyle guidance. Focused around your current level of fitness and nutrition knowledge, your programme will constantly progress towards your ultimate goal. With every coaching package you will also benefit from unlimited support over email and phone calls as required which will leave you with only one thing to think about..... Getting Results!

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